NMC failing to investigate despite evidence from retired Policeman


An NHS whistleblower was let down by his hospital trust, the NHS regulators & the NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council) whose purpose is to protect the public.

The retired policeman was called to investigate a safeguarding issue. The retired policeman “Paul” (not his real name) was part of a temporary group of workers used by the NHS in order to investigate certain cases.

He found that the NHS trust had failed to act on his report findings. Paul gave evidence to the NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council) in regards to the fact that his report had been deliberately altered. Despite this, the NMC concluded that the concerns were unsubstantiated.  (Excerpt from NMC response in below image)

Image above and further reading here: https://bylinetimes.com/2020/09/24/perversion-of-justice-the-abandoned-nhs-whistleblower/


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