About website

Previously, this site was for me to blog about the repeated and consistent maladministration within the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC)who are the professional regulator for nurses and midwives in the UK.

It is now open to anyone to add their experiences of the NMC, in particular referral outcomes. If you have made a fitness to practise referral to the NMC and you disagree with their outcome, or they have not provided you with an outcome, please contact. Your experience can be published on this website (whilst redacting and anonymising your personal information). In addition to publishing your experience, an independent panel will provide their conclusions. Their conclusions are then compared to NMC referral conclusions.

The NMC’s role is to: protect the health and wellbeing of the public. set standards of education, training, conduct and performance so that nurses and midwives can deliver high quality healthcare consistently throughout their careers. It can be seen that the NMC is failing in its role to protect the health and wellbeing of the public. Further to this, even from my own documented dealings with the NMC over several years, I have received emails of lies, lies and more lies.

The reason for this website is because I have endured several years of Negligence, Maladministration and Corruption within the NMC, I intend to document all within this website.  To summarise this, it started with their response that they couldn’t investigate a nurse as they attempted to claim there was no credible evidence available – they ignored me when I pointed out that such credible evidence exists by way of a recording of the nurses actions. Clearly, NMC used this as an excuse to not investigate, their previous excuses were ridiculous, for example – they could not investigate as the nurses employer said everything was in order and this is despite the fact that a medical doctor whistleblowed in respect of the nurses employer showing that they were unfit for purpose.

After the excuses to not conduct a fitness to referral investigation as above, they then took approximately 2 years to investigate a new fitness to practise referral; the result at the end of this investigation is that they had been investigating the wrong nurse. My contact with them during this time in order to chase up the fitness to practise investigation was futile as they clearly ignored communications in respect of this.

Because of the timewasting adopted by NMC, a new fitness to practise referral was made. The NMC claimed to have not received a consent form and such consent was required before starting to investigate the fitness to practise referral. However, consent was provided to them in 2019 and chased up during 2019. Further consent was provided to them in August 2020 via email (which they responded to other NMC concerns within email). The NMC claimed to have not received these 2 consent actions, presumably again in an effort to not proceed with the fitness to practise referral investigation.

Complaining to the NMC is a laborious process. There will be an NMC complaint section in this website soon, from there you will be able to see correspondence showing that:

  1. NMC failed to answer my safeguarding concerns repeatedly, from the complaints manager to other managers and ultimately Ben Wesson Head of Customer Enquiries and Complaints – all of whom have not addressed the complaints and concerns. As you will see from the correspondence, they have exacerbated my compaints.
  2. NMC have failed to answer why they have previously told me lies, such example being that NMC claimed in relation to the fitness to referral investigation that there was no credible evidence, despite the fact that credible evidence existed – such credible evidence was a recording of the nurses lies and actions, comments from another medical professional (GP) in addition to further whistleblowing by another GP – however, NMC relied on their lie that no credible evidence exists.
  3. NMC failed to provide data as a data request was made to the NMC under GDPR.  I was told by one complaints manager that she would look on the system to find out the number of times I had contacted the data protection team via telephone. However, she did not do this and wrote in her correspondence that the reason my data request was late is that the NMC were waiting for me to send an N1 court form in order for the NMC to provide me with the data request.  (Yes, you’ve read that right, they are that incompetent that they were waiting, or claiming to have been waiting to send my my data request but only after I had sent them a court form).
  4. NMC have failed to explain why approximately two years have been wasted due to their actions of investigating the wrong nurse despite the fact that I had sent evidences, consent form and chasing up the referral during this time period.

The above is a brief summary of complaints and concerns with the NMC, this will be expanded upon soon.